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A Brief History on Why Germar Rudolf Was Targeted by the Thought Police

by William Purcell

Germar Rudolf had been working on his Ph.D. in physical chemistry at the prestigious Max Planck Institute when the Jews made a propaganda offensive in regard to the famous Leuchter Report - the forensic chemistry Report that first effectively put an absolute END to the whole "The Holocaust" propaganda lie back around 1988. You see, what the Jews did in the wake of the Leuchter Report was to get the Polish Chemical Institute in Krakow to do their own study in order to contradict the Leuchter one: it's results had the exact opposite effect: the Krakow Institute of Chemistry & Physics' own study  CONFIRMED  the results of the Leuchter Report!  Those results were - that there were no appreciable gas residues in the brickwork of any of the rooms alleged to have been homicidal "gas chambers" in Auschwitz (both Birkenau as well as at the Main Camp)!
This scientifically put an absolute END to the whole " THE Holocaust " hoax - at least on an intellectual level as far as serious historians would go (however few there might be who actually fit into that category nowadays)!

What the Jews did then -- and believe me, it's all about Public Relations to them, not 'history' (!) -- was to categorically state that hydro-cyanide gas would
NOT leave any residue in the brickwork of a gas chamber - and that THAT was why there was no residue in either the Leuchter Report (commissioned by Ernst Zundel's defense team ) or in the Krakow Institute's own Report ( commissioned by the Polish State
Museum for The Holocaust as well as by Yad Vashem and the Polish Jewish Veteran's Committee ) - or in any other of the foursubsequent scientific studies that were done before the Jews succeeded in getting any further scientific studies formally outlawed.  So, what Germar Rudolf did was to do his doctoral dissertation on the binding properties of hydro-cyanide gas to brickwork -- his Ph.D. thesis at the Max Planck Institute (!); and , moreover, for his field study, he deliberately chose the alleged " gas chamber " at Auschwitz -- as well as the de-lousing chamber there for his report. 

His Ph.D. study proved -- scientifically and absolutely PROVED -- that if in fact any of those rooms had of been ever used as homicidal gas chambers - then there WOULD have been appreciable traces of cyanide in the brickwork for at least 500 years after the fact! 

In fact, there weren't any deposits of such--only forty years later.

Good-bye - and Goodriddance ! - to the whole " THE Holocaust " con-job !

(see: )

Well, The Jews showed their power : they had the Max Planck Institute rescind Germar Rudolf's Ph.D. degree, even though it was scientifically earned. They then had him kicked out of his apartment -- with his wife being 8 months pregnant at the time (!) -- out into the street by the Mayor of his town in Germany. And they CONVICTED him -- without trial (at least without his being physically present in the courtroom, or his having a lawyer or anything [!]) -- of the CRIME in Germany of "defaming the Jewish dead." Therefore, he had to escape from his native land of Germany and take up residence in France, and then later in Holland.

THIS is the state, ladies and gentlemen, of "intellectual freedom" and of the dispassionate and objective and disinterested pursuit of truth in "science" in our world today!

Eventually he came to reside here - here in "the land of the free and the home of the brave!"

So here in the good ol' US of A, they had Germar Rudolf arrested by surprise under the Homeland Security Act, the so-called "Patriot" Act , and some obscure Immigration law.

He was, after all, White, European, and German, which were Three Strikes against him right there as far as the INS is concerned (!) -- and deported to Germany. After scheduling his "legal appeal" in such a fashion as to insure that it would be invalid as described above, they had also used a similar "technique" in order to arrest him by surprise in the first place (!) and for him to be put into prison - all for having been truthful and honest -- and Yes, Virginia that is a crime in Germany -- and in most other countries in Europe nowadays!

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