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I am in fear for my life: Policeman's story of eight years undercover with eco-warriors... and how he is now on run in the U.S.

By Caroline Graham
Last updated at 1:21 AM on 16th January 2011

The undercover policeman who posed as an eco-warrior for eight years came out of hiding to tell his full, extraordinary story – and reveal that he fears for his life.

Mark Kennedy, 41, denies ‘going native’ and triggering the collapse of the trial of six environmental activists accused of trying to shut down one of Britain’s biggest power stations.

Describing a life lived ‘constantly on the edge’, he claims his former police bosses are searching for him in America, where he fled last year.

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Posters comment: Having read this article, I can only wonder at how the subject of it is looking for any sympathy at all. He is a undercover cop, and these have been noted to CREATE crimes, rather than solve them, or better yet, have a proficiency to solve the crimes they, themselves, caused others to commit.
Undercover cops are so compromised by what they do that they are, to a large extent, greater criminals than those they wish to entrap.

This prick should hide, and wish he is never found. A RAT is a RAT is a RAT, and will never be anything but a RAT, regardless of any excuses the RAT may make.

Actions by a RAT to coerce individuals to commit criminal actions, under their tutelage, should be considered as criminal!

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