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K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple Stupid
« on: October 07, 2010, 06:06:08 PM »

By Jim Kirwan
This has become 'So bloody simple,' since it became "serious" during and after WWI. If only people around the planet had remembered that any real threat depends upon the phrase 'Keep It Simple Stupid,' the world might have stopped all this before it began. The tragedy is that we failed to even notice the gravity of this threat to everything that the world once believed was part of the natural heritage of humanity, to have and to hold, as we move through our lives and our individual dreams to 'better tomorrows.'
The result of global inattention has been so bloody and so very simple that it escaped any real examination by the watchdogs of societies around the planet. Mostly because the blood being spilled was not directly ours; and because we did not see that the capture and enslavement of others was not something that seemed to affect most Americans-especially if huge and illicit profits might be theirs for taking, should they chose to "invest in the corporations" that created this criminal-imbalance which has now skewed the majority of nations around the world-in favor of piracy, plunder and hate, over any kind of order in a world where 'justice' is for sale on any street corner: Whenever the price is right!
The First World War was the Petrie dish for the bankers and the controllers of the currency worldwide. They funded all sides of that conflict and immensely increased both their profits and their control over the money-supply of the global world. It was then that they forged this final phase; after having first set the stage with WWII. What they needed to accomplish then created what we are living in now-the near total control by our owners of every aspect of our lives, by forces we can see but cannot seem to ever touch.
In part this is because those doing this are part of a movement that is not religious or political in the direct sense of those terms. It has hidden itself behind a shielding they created around the plight of the Jews down through history. To guarantee their own survival the Zionists used real-Jews to create the protection from world-wide criticism they would need, to do what they have nearly completed now. A full third of Hitler's SS were Jews that were part of their rounding up the hundreds of thousands of practicing Jews for their camps, and for possible slaughter, that could then be shown to the world as victims of the Holocaust. What the Zionists needed then was a global safeguard against any criticism for anything that the "Jews" might be accused of later-on. This had nothing to do with actual practicing Jews, but instead was part of an elaborate plan that could successfully hide the Zionists' global-plans for their absolute domination later on.
Traditional Jews were only the victimized-host upon which this parasitical international-cancer could use to grow on, until the time when Zionists will finally exterminate those remaining religious Jews along with everyone else that hates everything they're trying to do to the universe. Toward this end their battlecry has always been Anti-Semitism; which is part of the Zionists global plan to make this a prosecutable offense in every country. Using the Holocaust as their protection from becoming 'victims of racism yet again'-the ADL and Mossad have been working around the clock to end any and all criticism of anything that has to do with whatever Israel is doing or has done-whether inside Palestine or anywhere abroad.
The control of virtually every aspect of life today is now in the hands of the Zionists. In yesterday's article I mentioned some of what has happened to the film industry and the media in general. (1) But this imbalance extends to the entire arena of every aspect of the sports world, through team ownership and agents, as well as virtually the whole of the educational system as it currently exists, by virtual of control over the funding and all of higher education. Zionists also control the sex-trade, pornography, drugs (both legal & illegal) and almost everything else that anyone might want to turn to, to escape the nightmare that has become our current way of life.
If it makes real money, or if it furthers either the war-machine or the industries that support our global aggressions; then behind it all you will find Zionists and their supporting organizations wherever there are massive profits to be reaped. It matters not whether the industry involved is legal or illegal ­ the structure that enables whatever it is will always owe control to the Zionists. That's the real-world structure behind corporate-business and government today in this country. This was made possible by the murder of the Constitution and the subversion of actual law over insider-privileges and real-world Zionist connections.
The powers that created this crossroads at which we now stand are very, very old. Their ancestors were the money behind the colonies here, and they never stopped controlling events here as well as in Old World Europe-despite the blatantly false "histories" and all the buried crimes like the 500 year war against the native population here: This was all planned long before even the twentieth century. Slavery, and the use and abuse of women and children has gone hand-in-hand with everything that Zionism stands for since long before they had a name for what they do. The subversion of societies has always been part of their every waking thought; and that task has nearly been completed as most Americans are barely more than bubble-headed dolls "too-busy" to even feel the invisible chains that have controlled everything the Zionists have tried to do to everyone else since the end of the Second World War.
The Muslim world was always been in their crosshairs, not because of any of the things that governments now talk about related to terror-but because the Muslim world does not accept the idea of making money by loaning money. Usury is still a crime in that world, which happens to involve a full third of humanity: Consequently the Muslim nations have become targets for the Zionist-American-Cabal that wants Muslims eliminated from the earth. This would seem to be a far more serious charge than anything which the so-called State of Israel would currently seem to fear from any third-world threat to their existence. This all comes down to global-power and the control over banks and money everywhere: Religion, race, and politics are all in service now toward this Zionist-passion for global domination.
The actual numbers of these owners are low; but their positions in societies all over the world are the key to whatever we can do with our lives. If there were any justice the populations would seize all the assets of these barbarians and banish them from every place where they currently reside - with only the clothes upon their backs. This has happened before but they have always been able to regroup, just as each time this has resulted in improving their protections from the rest of us-hence the Anti-Semitic card-it has also partially insured that "the next time" will always be worse. This has been true because of one of nature's irrefutable laws:
"Those who refuse to learn from history are destined to repeat it."*
We are in a massive street fight with these global-terrorists that are in fact the leaders of nations that we once revered. In a real street fight the survivors need to use everything they have to survive. Americans seem to believe that in politics we have a left and a right, as well as independents: These "parties" must be seen for what they are; two hands and the central thought of the same enemy that will use either one or all to affect the outcome that is desired. The winners of street-fights are those that use everything from psychology to psy-ops, all the way down to body-language, and a real-world knowledge of the terrain to gain a real advantage. There was a time when a lot of people understood this most basic of all conflicts-but that time has long since passed.
Today people freely give away their rights and their futures to criminals without a second glance. Too many live in fear of what will happen to them if their thoughts become the basis for the new thought-crime legislation that has already been passed. These massively-criminal-corporations along with the uniformed thugs of city, state and federal police now hold the power of life & death over all citizens of the USA; and there is no check or balance that would keep these privatized thugs from killing any one of us, with or without a reason. But by far the largest single crime that so many ordinary people keep right on committing is to buy-into these same corporations, in order to share in the blood-drenched profits which such stocks can generate.
This makes what the high-profile corporations do a major part in every life for those that hold stock in these criminal enterprises. In the end it is no wonder that the American public will NOT wake-up; because if they did they'd have to dump their shares and go after the same people they've been supporting since this thing went viral after the national-selections in the year 2000!
We cannot have it both ways: Either we are for our own criminal-masters or we are opposed to the slavery and indentured-servitude which by the power we have allowed them to have - they have created. If we were still a Republic then we might not have chosen this route; but we did not pay attention to anything except the bottom-line; when it came down to what we chose to favor or oppose!
In the end it's your life; how will you decide to protect it or prolong it?
1) TREASON In the Face Of The Enemy
*ADDENDUM: "I've just read your essay, K.I.S.S and very interesting it is too. Only one problem with your analysis and that is that Zionism has been around for about 120 years whilst the evil of organized Jewery has been around for millennia.
The machinations of Jews to bring down the Egyptian and Roman Empires are now well understood. The fact that they have been expelled from every European country over that past 1000 years is also beyond question. Jew money backed the civil war in England which resulted in the murder of Charles 1 and the rampage of my country by their lackey, Cromwell.
Jews were the driving force behind the slave trade to America - almost all of the slave ships were Jew owned. Jew ( Rothschild - aka Mayer Amscel Baur ) money backed both sides in the America war of independence and also the civil war. Only then did we see the birth of Zionism.
A Jew terrorist murdered Emperor Franz Joseph along with his wife in Sarajevo in August 1914 - thereby kicking off the World War 1. Jews murdered Tzar Nicholas 2 in 1917 and Stalin ( a jew ) engineered the deaths of perhaps up to 50,000,000 Russian Christians in the slaughter that followed.
World Jewery declared war on Germany on March 1933. World War 2 was kicked off by the relentless pogroms of German people trapped in the stolen part of Prussia that now constituted Poland in 1938. The pogroms were orchestrated and led by rabid jews and even though
France and England were both encouraged in that war again by organized Jewery ( Morganthau/Churchill and co. ) in order to "save Poland", they cynically left the Poles to their fate at the hands of the invading Russian Mongel hordes in 1944 - 1945 - a fate shared by the German people - especially their women. Oppenheimer ( a Jew ) created the first "hell-bomb" and Truman ( another Jew ) could not wait to use it - prolonging the war in the Pacific to give the Jew scientist the time to develop his hellish contrivance. Hiroshima and Nagasaki - two cities that had been deliberately spared the fire-bombing of every other Japanese city acted as litmus tests to the effectiveness of Jew evil.
Eisenhower ( a Jew ) ordered the murder of 1,500,000 surrendered German soldiers in his famous Rhine death camps going against the express wished of fine Americans like George Patton - who of course was murdered to keep him from talking.
After that of course and with the protection racket of the "Holohoax" they started to work on the destruction of society generally. Europe and America have now been drowned in a sea of mass immigration, pornography and casual violence and all of it at the behest of Jews.
And almost every Jew on this planet supports this process as they fanatically support the illegal entity which I refer to as "isra-hell".
So you see Mr. Kirwan, Zionism is only the latest manifestation of the evil that is organized Jewery and to say otherwse is to give comfort to these same Jews who, at this very moment, are working to destroy your country and mine as surely as they destroyed all of the above."
Tony O'Neill