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To His Excellency 1. May 2000

The Ambassador to The Islamic Republic of Iran

Jauresgasse 9

A - 1030 Wien (Austria)


Your Excellency!

I ask You for political asylum in the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Reason and background: I have now for several years suffered persecution from the Austrian political justice because I have permitted myself the " luxury", in my own country, the "democratic" Republic of Austria, of being faithful to the divine Truth and also to the academic oath sworn by me as a natural scientist: I have exposed the politically established lies about the so-called Zyklon-B "gas chambers" in the Third Reich, and the so-called "Holocaust" of the Jews with its alleged 6.000.000 victims. Possibly, You are aware of some of my writings, for they have also been forwarded to the Embassy of Iran (and others).

As part of the terror, I have twice been forcefully subjected to psychiatric treatment - as in the former Sovjet of Stalin - and in the year 1996 I had to spend two weeks in jail for the purpose of "further investigation". Of course, the was no legal justification for this measure. For more than five years there have been legal investigations conducted against me, but to this day no official charge has been raised. Quite clearly, there is a fear of public prosecution. Obviously, this is a manifest violence of current Austrian law.

Last night several heavily armed policemen appeared at the door of my house, clad in bullet-proof jackets, as if I were some dangerous criminal. They came with a fresh warrant for my arrest. It had no legal basis and had even been issued against the express decision of the High Court. Since I was not present, the commando had to withdraw without having accomplished its object. Let me here add that I have never been punished before! My only "crime" consists in showing obeisance to divine Laws, rather than to the will of a certain Lobby of Satan!

About a year ago, one representative of this Lobby - the "Holocaust"- Lobby, approached me in an attempt to persuade me to modify the technical report concerning Zyklon-B-gas chambers that I had prepared in connection with the political sham case against Mr. J�rgen Graf in Switzerland. He wanted me to modify my report to the effect that the disinfecting chemical, Zyklon-B, could "in some way" have been used for mass murder. In fact, he offered me an amount of 5.000.000 US Dollars for doing so! Of course, I rejected his offer.

Since Austrian political justice thus knows very well that they can never force me to lie, I now find myself in a position where I must fear for my life! There have recently been some cases in this country that look like political murder. I allow myself to remind You of the alleged suicide of the student from the opposition, Matthias Seger, from Wien 7, that , "incidentally" occurred on the official Day of the Jews, January 17, 2000. His father had been involved in the distribution of the book " The Protocols of Zion"! Then there was the death of the odd Franz Fuchs, by the media described as being responsible for placing bombs in letters.Considering his physical state (his hands had been blown off!) and other facts, his reported "suicide" seems so grotesque that one hardly find words to describe it! Incredible, what people can be persuaded into believing! According to information available to us, his henchmen (from some secret service) were smuggled into the cell of Franz Fuchs by a prison official, so that they could perform their heinous task there. It was obvious to all clearly thinking observers that Franz Fuchs would never survive the change of government in Austria!

Begging You for a positive reply to this petition

I remain Yours most sincerely

Wolfgang Fröhlich. Diplom.-Ing. (Engineer)


PS: I will allow myself to contact You in the near future - if I am still in a position to do so!


To May 4, 2000

The Criminal Court Vienna

Investigating Judge, Mag. Rainer Engelberger

Landesgerichtsstrasse 11

A - 1082 Wien (Austria)


Concerning: AZ 28a Vr 3166/96. The warrent issued by You, and the physical terror against me and my family resulting from this.



You have confirmed a warrent of arrest issued by a judicial secretary, obviously demanded by radical leftists and political inquisitors in the Department of Justice. You have done so being fully aware that all the allegations of the political justice against me are mere constructions, and that I have never at any time violated any current law! In our cultural sphere it is quite out of the question that one can violate a law with the truth - especially so, when this truth, as in the present case, has been established with the methods of the exact sciences! As a judge, You are of course familiar with the relevant paragraphs of the Austrian constitution.

Moreover, the allegation that I have published in the Internet, and thereby violated a promise given when I was released from political custody in December 1996, has no basis in reality whatsoever! I never had and still do not have any access to the Internet. Nor do I have any homepage from which I could communicate to the Internet. An interpretation of the promise given by me upon my release from custody to the effect that I would also have to prevent other persons from propagating my technical reports and documents of offence would really be absurd, considering that there are almost 100.000.00O users of the Internet.

I ask You: What has changed since I was interrogated by You some months ago in the criminal court of Vienna? Nothing has changed when it comes to the nature and character of my activities in the Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Aufdeckung zeitgeschichtlicher L�gen (Cooperative Society for Revealing Contemporay Lies). The same goes for my strategy of reporting falsifiers of history for public agitation to the General attorney. Nothing has changed! I did not break my promise then - and now? Surely, You do not assume that sensible people will simply swallow this contradiction?

Has it really escaped Your notice that the systematical falsification of history serves as the basis for the robbing of Austria by the Holocaust-Lobby and their pettyfogging lawyers using all their talmudic-demagogic tricks? Or do You not give a damn about the future of Your own children and their children?

During the interrogation mentioned above I had it brought to the record that a huge amount of money was offered me if I would only modify my report about the impossibility of a mass murder with the help of the disinfectory chemicale that the systematical falsification of history serves as the basis for the robbing of Austria by the Holocaust-Lobby and their pettyfogging lawyers using all their talmudic-demagogic tricks? Or do You not give a damn about the future of Your own children and their children?

During the interrogation mentioned above I had it brought to protocol that a huge amount of money was offered me if I would only modify my report about the impossibility of a mass murder with the help of the disinfectory chemical Zyklon-B, so that the result would serve the wishes of the Holocaust-Lobby. I rejected that offer, surely. These gentlemen seem to think that they can just buy people. (Perhaps this can be brought back to their close connection with "democratic" politicians). Later on, I was given the piece of advice that I should under no circumstances permit myself to be taken into custody, for there "anything could happen". This advice, however, was superfluous, for I am an intense observer of the political scene in Austria, and I am not so stupid as to give my life away for no good reason.I am , for instance, very much aware of the abominable travesty of justice that happened to Franz Fuchs.

If You think that I will run the risk that threatens me in Austrian custody, then You are certainly mistaken! I have no fear of death at all , and I shall always be prepared to sacrifice my life for a higher cause, even at the cost of my losing it! I have no desire, however, of passing away in an Austrian prison,quietly and secretly by the "Grace of the Mossad" because of a "heart failure".

For the physical terror, that You are causing to my family as a result of Your violation of the law, You alone will have to respond some day! You also carry the responsibilty for whatever happens from this day on!

Finally, I wish to mention that during the last weeks I have three times been warned from various sides that the internationally oriented tight-rope walkers, hostile to Austria, in the Justice Department, will intensify their terror against me. I had knowledge about many details, but never never did I expect, that You, too, were involved in playing this game!

Wolfgang Fröhlich, Engineer.

Encl.: My letter to H.E. The Ambassador to the Islamic Rep. of





These two letters by the Austrian engineer, Wolfgang Fr"hlich, must be seen as raising an issue of concern to all serious scholars, no matter in which field of research they happen to be actively engaged.

The struggle for the attainment and propagation of scientific truth must never be impeded by any political, religious or otherwise irrelevant considerations. Similar disturbing reports at intervals reach us from other European countries such as Germany and France.

It is the duty of all universities and academic societies as well as individual scholars, in Europe as elsewhere, to protest whenever they learn of violations of the freedom of scientific research, as would appear to be so in the case of the Austrian engineer Wolfgang Fr"hlich.

Should scholars fail to react they will not only be neglecting their duty to science but also to the public that supports their freedom financially, rightly expecting them to engage in objective research, unbound by any politically correct concerns.

To remain silent when scholarly freedom is violated, is, in the end, the same as violating the pursuit of scientic truth itself.

Serious scholars, therefore, expect that the European Commission of Human Rights (Council of Europe, Strasbourg) and the Government of Austria will take the appropriate measures to see that the image of truth be repaired and the demands of justice be served. Never can the two, truth and justice, be held asunder with impunity.

It is, we believe, now time for European politicians to be less intimidated, for historians to be more honest, for judges to be more fair, and for all decent and enlightened Europeans to be keenly aware of the issues here raised.


Selskab for fri historisk forskning

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« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2005, 10:18:27 PM »
I really feel sorry for the guy's plight and all but really now - Zyklon B?  Seems clear cut to me. 

I'm sure a lot of people KNOW what I.G. Farben made?  Cyanide through the showers will certainly kill anything unlucky enough to be in there.  I don't understand. 

Zyklon B was used as a delousing agent - but then again so was Lindane at 1% in Kwell and then they had to take that off the market (early '80s) too neurotoxic - it is all about dosage.  Lindane is really, really potent.

Read here about uses of Zyklon B:

But anyway, if the guy wants to go to Iran, I hope they receive him, but I think he is misguided and he is not even a chemist?  Or is he saying he is a chemical engineer - what is a natural engineer?