Author Topic: The Real German National Socialist: Otto Strasser  (Read 492 times)

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The Real German National Socialist: Otto Strasser
« on: September 02, 2009, 11:21:59 AM »
Some readers still share an affinity with the bastard Rothschild Adolph Hitler, the pimp who lead Germany and Europe into the abyss of destruction...But the real force behind the early National Socialists were the Strasser brothers, Gregory & Otto...Both were veterans of WWI, with Otto a highly decorated officer and leader of men...Otto later became a leader of what was called the 'Black Front' a National Socialist group opposed to Hitler...Otto Strasser envisioned a German National Socialism based on a more equal distribution of wealth, opportunity and access to education, and although he was a natural soldier, he was anti-militarist...He was also honest...He and Hitler hated each other from almost the beginning...The Stassers were Bavarian natives and were in tune with nationalist feelings in Bavarian, but also had support in Northern Germany (Prussia)...We must remember, Hitler was an Austrian 'mongrel' part-Khazar, who through opportunism and willingness to kiss the ass of major industrialists and bankers, was able to attain his power...The Strassers were Christians and envisioned a different type of National Socialism...In any case, here are some excerpts from the great British journalist Douglas Reed' book 'Nemesis', the story of Otto Strasser and how the mysterious Hitler somehow came to power...Strasser also has an autobiography available online.............................................................Frank D.


Otto Strasser

The man whose picture is the frontispiece to this book is Otto Strasser. It is the best one I could
find. In others, which I rejected, the photographers gave him the glowering glance, the clamped lips
affected by all the dictators of our and other times, the mien of the strong-man-candidate-for-the succession.

Otto Strasser may be that, but he does not customarily wear that familiar visage. His habitual
expression is one of vigour but also of smiling friendliness, and I do not mean that he smiles and
smiles, but his natural disposition is a cheerful and hearty one. He has not the inner hatred of life
and of his fellow men which is Hitler's driving instinct and which gives Hitler that suspicion-filled,
my-hand-against-every-man's, don't-you-try-to-take-a-rise-out-of-me look.

Strasser is much more of a fighter than Hitler; no man could picture him dissolving into tearful selfcommiseration at a setback or at the thought that the ultimate enemy of all men, the Marxist Death,
cannot be put in a concentration camp; he revels even in a fight that is going badly, though in his
heart is an unrelenting hatred of men who owe him a debt written in blood, and if they come into
his power they will pay in the coin they took.

But that is not written in his face, because his inner man is not like this, and for that reason the
picture is not good. Twenty-five years of struggle, betrayal, disappointed hopes, embitterment, of
unflagging pursuit and narrow escape, have not chiselled hatred in his features, as it is chiselled in
the features of men who have reached the highest peaks of power. He remains a merry fellow, who
lives hard, loves hard, eats and drinks with enjoyment, carries on his one-man war with gusto,
never forgets his revolver, has a long score to settle, loves his country, and likes to laugh.

He is the opposite of everything that Hitler is - Hitler the eclair-eater who preaches the spartan life;
Hitler the celibate who preaches big families; Hitler the chauffeur-driven and chauffeur-piloted
armchair-sitter who preaches sport and physical exercise; Hitler the non-smoker, non-drinker and
non-meat-eater who leads one of the heaviest-eating and heaviest-drinking nations in Europe; Hitler
who preaches the fight-to-a-finish and orders unbeaten battleships to scuttle themselves. Hitler,
who wrote Mein Kampf, has known little struggle in his life; he was carried in a sedan chair by an
Al Capone bodyguard to the summits of power. Strasser has never stopped fighting, since 1914.

I should call him a typical German - not in the sense in which the term is currently used by
Britishers who do not know Germany and who have in mind something rather fat, rather coarse,
and over-portentous. The term, a typical Englishman, used by people of the same kind in Germany,
also has an uncomplimentary significance; English people would be genuinely startled to know that
the German often finds in their physiognomy something that reminds him of the Raubtier, the

I lived very long in Germany and mean, by a typical German, an inexplicable mixture of good and
bad, of staunchness, vigour, industry, thrift, humour, talent; and of brutality, envy and
insensitiveness. The Germans, incidentally, have a particularly keen sense of humour, and I often
wish that my countrypeople, who almost completely lack this, would learn from them.

'Hitler and I' by Otto Strasser

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Re: The Real German National Socialist: Otto Strasser
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2009, 02:25:33 AM »
Funny, but his nose looks Khazar ;)

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Re: The Real German National Socialist: Otto Strasser
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Perhaps Skunkie's been at the Photoshop again?
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