Author Topic: Google Now Prefetches In Moz/Firefox  (Read 843 times)

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Google Now Prefetches In Moz/Firefox
« on: August 14, 2005, 01:45:20 PM »
Google Now Prefetches In Moz/Firefox

Results Prefetching

On some searches, Google automatically instructs your browser to start downloading the top search result before you click on it. If you click on top result, the destination page will load faster than before.

Google uses a special prefetching feature in Firefox and Mozilla web browsers to provide this functionality, so results prefetching is not available in Internet Explorer or other web browsers. You can disable prefetching in your web browser preferences, as described in the Mozilla Prefetching FAQ. In Firefox, you can disable prefetching by doing the following:

1. Type "about:config" the address bar.
2. Scroll down to the setting "network.prefetch-next" and set the value to "False".

With prefetching enabled, you may end up with cookies and web pages in your web browser's cache from web sites that you did not click on since prefetching happens automatically when you view Google search results pages. You can delete these files by clearing your browser's cache and cookies.
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Re: Google Now Prefetches In Moz/Firefox
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2005, 01:35:19 PM »
Thank you. 
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Re: Google Now Prefetches In Moz/Firefox
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2005, 07:10:52 PM »
Good advice Joe, thanks for posting that.  Any Google purging of your hard drives or servers is an obvious threat to your security.  On your home pc's, ensure that you also turn your remote access OFF, and you disable automatic updates.  Your pc has a lot of traffic going on behind your back, and those two functions are easily exploited.

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« Reply #3 on: August 29, 2020, 03:52:09 AM »
numbers To The Editor

My grandpa, When he would have been a boy, Was among the first pioneers who settled Sevier County. As a son he drove a supply wagon, ripped to shreds by a team of horses, roughly Richfield and Cove Fort. On one occasions, He was chased by inhospitable Indians. the good news is, He was having his trusty 45.

I heard the story of my grandfather's skirmish with the Indians regularly before I finally saw the gun. eventually, photographs was 9, My grandpa came into the house fuming. He had had a spat with the neighbor over a little stream of garden water. My grand daddy had tried to hit the neighbor over the head with his shovel. The neighbors, staying a younger and bigger moldova dating man, Had taken the shovel away from my grandfather.

My grandfather went into his bedroom and brought out his old 45. My mother jumped into action. She wrapped her arms around his waist, Begging and pleading with him not to leave the house.

My grandaddy was cursing, Waving his 45 wildly rising. in due course, His anger subsided and he returned into his bedroom.

What lessons can we learn from this bit of genealogy and family tree? First, My grand daddy was not normally an angry or violent person. He spent most afternoons sleeping peacefully on the den couch. If he could become angry enough to kill the next-doors, Then those same harmful emotions could just as easily flare up in any and all of us.

Second, some sort of 45, Though it had been the solution to a problem when he was a young man, Came very close to becoming a tragic problem on its own. We were mystery living in the wild, outdoors west.

Third, Guns are tools whose ownership and use are according to time, Place and instance. An AK 47 is a useful weapon on the battlefield. to the, but unfortunately, an ideal tool for hunting deer or settling neighborly disputes.

Guns have not made us either safer or safer. Is 20 times over in other developed nations. Women are five times certainly going to be killed by an intimate partner, Than by a unknown person. If you are related to a home invasion, participate in a big dog, it's possible that two.

so,certainly, Let me see if I can see this. Because of an event you had of your grandfather when you were 9, We will all have those same dangerous emotions that could just as easily flare up in any and all of us.

feels legit to me sarcasm

From your brief story of your grandfather kids he was very short tempered and prone to violent outbursts, And not another kid that spent most afternoons sleeping peacefully on the living room couch. the large majority of "proper" People wouldn't even dream of looking hit the neighbor over the head with a shovel let alone actually pulling a gun on them. a valuable thing that the neighbor was able take that "Evil shovel" Away from a nice old man before it made your moldova beauty grandfather want to do something against his will.

AK 47's and other military look alike weapons are not just for the battleground. they really are fun to shoot, Can be extremely effective for home defense, And associated with people hunt with some variant of an AR 15. As for adopting a number of big dogs, I in any case did. I identified as them Remington and Grizzly. They came properly trained and won't bark or bite except upon my specific command.[lol]

I have found the obvious settle neighborly disputes is by talking respectfully rather than drawing down on each other.

StanIt may sound like your letter is in rebuttal to a letter to the editor a few weeks ago. "If in some manner, We achieved a gun free world ya think that would end violent crime? Humans show marvelous creativity in finding ways to kill each other. and also, You can just scan the actual Bible and count how many people are murdered by rocks, it would appear that your grandfather was not "Taught the extra worthiness of life, Or maybe your grandpappy's story was just exaggerated, switched, And added upon in the,I'm tired of people threatening the rights of all of us who provide gun owning citizens because of the psychotic actions of someone else, And since you'll end up defenseless, I would love to come to your aid with my guns when some "wacko" Comes to invade the property (If I makes it there in time), should you not think your dogs can outsmart them.