Author Topic: Finale to a Declining Epoch  (Read 5408 times)

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Re: Finale to a Declining Epoch
« Reply #80 on: April 07, 2009, 12:17:17 AM »
There would be nothing to do if we had our full liberties that certain laws have taken. I'm thinking of the daily lives we lead, not the economic backbone scammersystem (new werd alert- with sics all around). Capitalism would never move if there was no such thing as credit, and look at what credit gets ya. Who would really care what politicians did if your full ability to your liberties were intact. Think of the vice law(s) that prevent you from getting pain relief without the permission-sir¿ from some desk jocky.

Look to past national "improvements" in the econimic figures, and down the line you will see declines at the five, ten, fifteen, all related to the loans due dates that enabled the previous upswings. That was how I looked at it while numb with thinking it's an honest system. Those hedge fund markets put the spin on fantasies. Examples, if Madoff never "invested" all those funds he "stole" from his pals, where did the funds he DID invest come from? If they call it ponzie scam, the "victims" can legally recover, if it was "legit investments" say bye bye cash train.

Now what is interesting, those that have 'played Madoffs game' for so long, are really co-conspirators in the illegal profits they "made" if they want that 'ponzie scam' label attached to Madoff.
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