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New video rescues important quotations by major historical figures from Orwell's "memory hole."

NEW FROM Allnat Productions LLC, a powerful video hosted by National Vanguard writer, leader, and media innovator Michael Medeiros (pictured) is now freely available. This 21-minute film is based on the eye-opening book by Dr. E. R. Fields: What World Famous Men Said About the Jews.

Witness what some of the giants of history -- Martin Luther, Napoleon, Mohammed, Ulysses S. Grant, to name but a few -- have had to say about Jews. Are these historical greats just "ignorant haters"? Or did they have sincere, honest questions about the collective behavior of Jews? Watch this video and decide for yourself.

There are two options for downloading and viewing the video; either requires Windows Media Player 9 or higher:

High Resolution: an approximately 165 Mb download (for broadband users; good audio and visual quality, also best for distribution on CD-ROM).

Medium Resolution: an approximately 22 Mb download (for dial-up users, or broadband users in a hurry; lesser but still quite viewable quality).

The Jewish question, as Henry Adams once stated, "is really the most serious of our problems." Understanding the Jewish question is absolutely essential if one wishes to understand the ongoing plight of White people in the world today.

Download this video. Watch it. Spread it far and wide -- and help White people come to recognize and understand this, the "most serious of our problems."

Medium Resolution download (22 MB)

High Resolution download (160 MB)

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Excellent post Itisa1mosttoolate !   This one's a keeper. 
"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." — Henry David Thoreau

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Interestimg video!
The only thing that really changes is their names.