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Support H.R. 502 !
« on: March 08, 2003, 09:43:39 AM »
Stop the Use of Mexican Matricula Consular IDs by Illegal Immigrants:

Recommendation: Contact your representative by email, phone, or fax, and ask him or her to cosponsor H.R. 502, a bill to require that any identification that may be used to obtain Federal public benefits meet restrictions ensuring that it is secure and verifiable.

Status: Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) introduced this bill on January 29, 2003. It was referred to the House Committees on Government Reform, Judiciary, and House Administration. As of February 14th, there were 18 cosponsors.

Summary: Mexico has been subverting our immigration laws by issuing "matricula consular" ID cards to illegal immigrants in the U.S. These Mexican ID cards are then used by the illegals to obtain social services, set up bank accounts, get drivers licenses, etc. Increasingly, states, banks, and local law enforcement agencies are accepting the matricula cards as official identification. Last year the U.S. Treasury Department issued rules regarding how banks establish the identity of their customers. A footnote to this Treasury document says, "the proposed regulations do not discourage bank acceptance of the `Ëśmatricula consular` identity card that is being issued by the Mexican government to immigrants."

In order to stop this widespread use of the matricula cards by illegal immigrants , Rep. Tom Tancredo, chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus in the House of Representatives, introduced H.R. 502, which states:

"In the provision in the United States of a Federal public benefit or service, including a law enforcement service, that requires the recipient to produce identification, no Federal agency, commission, or other entity within the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Federal Government may accept, recognize, or rely on (or authorize the acceptance or recognition of, or the reliance on) any identification document, unless the document was issued by a Federal or State authority and is subject to verification by a Federal law enforcement, intelligence, or homeland security agency.... It is the sense of the Congress that the 50 States and the District of Columbia should implement policies modeled on this Act."
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