Author Topic: Message from USS LIBERTY Survivor to Israel  (Read 6823 times)

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Re: Message from USS LIBERTY Survivor to Israel
« Reply #40 on: January 18, 2009, 12:35:01 PM »

These guys are just 'flirting with the enemy'.

Either that or they have no lives. Imagine one of us going and trying to argue with the guys over at Forward or Commentary or whatever forums they have for Jews to gather and 'intellectualize'. We'd be gone in a heartbeat. The only reason these guys aren't gone is because NOLAJBS and LoneWolf are probably 'nicer' than those benevolent neocons...

The #1 typical name for little neocons to call their opponents - 'insane'. They call everyone on here 'insane', 'paranoid', 'idiot' etc - so what do they get out of talking to us? They are simply mingling with their enemy. It's obvious that's what they consider us. It's just that we're not as much of an enemy to them because some of us are in the military and actually go fight their 'real' enemies out in the middle east.

If we're so stupid or insane, why do they keep coming on here?