Author Topic: Investigation into Southeastern Iowa Church Fires Continue  (Read 1169 times)

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Investigation into Southeastern Iowa Church Fires Continue
« on: December 29, 2008, 05:08:21 AM »


As many as four church churches have been burned to the ground within the confines of Keokuk, Iowa in the last month. There is word or clues as to whom or what may be causing these crimes. That means there is no word on whether hate crimes or any kind of anti-religious bigotry was involved in these cases. Keokuk Fire Chief Mark Wessel tells local citizens not to be overly concerned. He tells the citizens of Keokuk that there is an ongoing investigation into the fire and that any information about those investigations should be passed along to the proper authorities.

The First Baptist Church here in Keokuk has been struck twice by the presumed arsonists. The first time it was set on first most of the structure was maintained. However on the second occasion far more extensive damage was done. As a resident I have no idea why there wasn't better security surrounding the church after the first incident. The first incident regarding the Baptist Church happened in September and nothing ever came of the investigation that was made public knowledge. Several churches in the area have to deal with things like theft in the recent past, but usually those items end up getting retrieved.

The Keokuk city council has recently eliminated overtime pay for all city employees, so it is hard to say how many actual hours will be allocated on this investigation. Due to a lack of tax revenues in this slowing economy there are only so many resources to go around. The Bethany Baptist Church has a small, but committed and compassionate organization. A leader within the church spoke eloquently about the issues the church was having at a recent city council meeting. He also spoke about how several other community leaders have offered the group a place to worship until a new church is built. The biggest expense and possibly most cherished item are the stain glass windows inside the church that of course contained significant religious symbolism. The fire took some thirty firefighters to put out the second blaze as noted by KHQA News. Overall this would mean that seven fires are currently under investigation in Keokuk.
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