Author Topic: Israel launches air attacks against Hamas compounds  (Read 1683 times)

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Israel launches air attacks against Hamas compounds
« on: December 27, 2008, 06:54:28 AM »
The Herald (Glasgow) 27 December 2008

Israel launches air attacks against Hamas compounds

Israeli forces have struck Hamas targets in a coordinated military operation, killing up to 155 people according to reports.

Israel, which has seen its border towns shelled by rocket fire from the Gaza strip in recent days, had previously warned of retaliatory strikes.

The offensive began at noon on Saturday, with follow up strikes as the day wore on.

The Israeli military said the strikes by F-16 bombers were in response to an escalation in rocket attacks from Gaza over recent days, since a truce between the two sides expired.

The targets had been "Hamas terror operatives", training camps and weaponry storage warehouses, according to a statement.

Gaza officials reported more than 150 dead and 200 others hurt a result of the strikes - the most intense on the territory for decades.

A spokesperson for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) said: "Israeli Air Force aircraft a short while ago attacked a series of Hamas targets and infrastructure facilities in the Gaza Strip. All Israeli pilots returned safely to their bases.

"The Air Force activity came as a result of the continuation of terrorist activity by the Hamas terror organisation from the Gaza Strip, and the continuation of rocket launching and targeting Israeli civilians.

"The targets that were attacked were located by intelligence gathered during the past months and include Hamas terror operatives that operated from the organisation's headquarters, training camps and weaponry storage warehouses."

Palestinian Health Ministry official Moawiya Hassanain claimed around 120 people were killed.

However, unconfirmed reports suggest 155 people have died in the attacks.

The IDF spokesperson insisted measures had been taken to prepare civilians before the operation.

Palestine's moderate President Mahmoud Abbas, a rival to the Hamas terrorist group, issued a statement condemning "this aggression" and made a plea for restraint.

Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa described the events as a "major humanitarian catastrophe".

Mr Moussa, whose 22-country organisation represents nations throughout the Arab world, said: "The council of Arab foreign ministers will hold an extraordinary and immediate meeting tomorrow or the day after at the request of Jordan.

"It will take a joint Arab position on what is happening and at the same time agree on the steps to be taken.

"We are facing a continuing spectacle which has been carefully planned. So we have to expect that there will be many casualties. We face a major humanitarian catastrophe."

Deputy White House Press Secretary Gordon Johndroe condemned Hamas's terrorist activities.

He said: "Hamas' continued rocket attacks into Israel must cease if the violence is to stop.

"Hamas must end its terrorist activities if it wishes to play a role in the future of the Palestinian people.

"The United States urges Israel to avoid civilian casualties as it targets Hamas in Gaza."

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office urged restraint to prevent civilian deaths. A spokesperson said: "The only way to achieve lasting peace in Gaza is through peaceful means.

"Whilst we understand the Israeli government's obligation to protect its population we urge maximum restraint to avoid further civilian casualties."

"We also call on militants in the Gaza Strip to immediately cease all rocket attacks on Israel."

Poster's Comment:
Deputy White House Press Secretary Gordon Johndroe condemned Hamas's terrorist activities

What an arsehole.

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Re: Israel launches air attacks against Hamas compounds
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2008, 07:07:01 AM »

Hezbollah to Gazans: You Are Not by Yourselves

 The head of Hezbollah`s Executive Council Sayyed Hachem Safieddine confirmed on Saturday that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were not standing by themselves.
Speaking during a protest in Southern Suburb of Beirut against the Israeli barbaric massacres, Sayyed Safieddine addressed Gaza residents saying, `You are not alone in this ordeal and the coming days will prove that the right that Gaza people are defending will obtain victory.`
His eminence compared the current Gaza aggression to the Lebanon Second War in July 2006, saying `the decision is American taken in the White House, the Zionist machine is executing and the collusion is Arabic that has paved for this aggression.`
Sayyed Safieddine addressed the people of Gaza telling them thae they, along with the resistance, would achieve victory `as we did in 2006`, adding `you (Gazans) will stay in the victorious position.`     
The head of Hezbollah`s Executive Council said that more cohesion and awareness for what the enemy thinks are required in this stage`¦ The Israeli military machine the killed Gaza residents was moved by a political decision however, his eminence added, this decision doesn`t show that the Israelis, Americans and the collaborators were in a good state, on the contrary they are lost.
Sayyed Safieddine concluded his speech saying that despite the grief and sadness that we feel towards every Palestinian child, woman and man yet in the future `the victory will be huge because it is God`s pledge and God`s pledge is going to be fulfilled.` 

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Re: Israel launches air attacks against Hamas compounds
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2008, 07:16:35 AM »
This hateful tribe of world parasites is addicted to murder and torture, and the sooner IsraHell gets turned into a sheet of green glass the better.  Dimona is the bullseye. 

Notice how the zionist occupational government in Washington blames the victim, the democratically elected government of the Palestinian people.
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Re: Israel launches air attacks against Hamas compounds
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2008, 08:20:26 AM »
All Israeli pilots returned safely to their bases.

Boy, that's a relief...
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