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[1] What the uncanceling of Pepe the Frog – for HK, though – tells us about US media

[2] EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Belmarsh Prison Inmate Provides Photos of Julian Assange

[3] Swedish Court Rejects Prosecution's Request to Arrest WikiLeaks Founder Assange

[4] ‘Most ridiculous interview ever’: Farage blasts BBC in testy live exchange

[5] Facebook and Instagram ban Infowars, Milo & Farrakhan as ‘dangerous’

[6] 'Clearly a joke': White House explains away Trump's 'I love WikiLeaks' comments

[7] 'Pathological hatred': Ecuador's Moreno sold 'Assange's head' to the US

[8] Facebook bans all praise of ‘white nationalism’ & ‘white separatism’

[9] US MSM Amplify Officials’ Lies on Venezuela, Then Complain They’re Being Gaslit


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