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[1] Dumbest F***ing Idea I've Ever Heard': Lindsey Graham Blasts Trump's Syria Plan

[2] Poles ‘suckle antisemitism with mothers’ milk’: Visegrad talks off

[3] Venezuelan Supreme Court Annuls Opposition's PDVSA, Citgo Board Appointments

[4] Pence Berates EU At Warsaw Over "SWIFT Alternative"

[5] Hands off ‘our hemisphere’ or Venezuela pays the price: US Senator warns Russia

[6] 70 civilians killed, injured as US-led coalition warplanes pound Syrian town

[7] Syrian military on high alert after Israeli attacK

[8] US claims Venezuela blocked aid deliveries... at a crossing that was never open

[9] ‘Special place in hell’ for those who promoted Brexit with no plan - EU’s Tusk


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